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Why I am thriving in business – Obaego, CEO Tezco Group | The Guardian Nigeria News –

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Teczo Group of Companies, Ejiobi Charles Chibuike, who is popularly known as Obaego, has attributed his entrepreneurial success and accomplishments to diversifying his portfolios into other businesses as a smart means of minimizing the risk of loss.

That is if one investment performs poorly over a certain period, other investments may perform better over that same period, reducing the potential losses of your investment portfolio from concentrating all your capital under one type of investment.

“When I set out to become an entrepreneur, I did not limit myself to the kind of business I would do or the number of business entities I would run. So presently, I am the owner and the managing director of three different companies, namely Teczo Real Estate, Teczo Autos and Teczo Forex Bureau. And they are all doing fine.” Obaego said.

Asked how he can juggle three different niches together and still rollout great results, the serial entrepreneur from Imo state, in Nigeria’s southeast, said: “For me, the auto business is no big deal. It is just normal buying and selling although it requires some thinking-outside-the-box and I’m equal to it due to my high-level of learning gained while travelling around.”

For the real estate business, Obaego disclosed that the business has been a good career option even though it comes with its cons.

“Real estate business has been a good career option, though it comes with its difficulties and challenges. Like other businesses, it’s quite competitive and requires capital injection, but the good side is that the sector is always busy as humans’ need for residential apartments, offices and other buildings keep rising”, he said.

Regarding forex trading, Obaego revealed that he learned and is currently learning the tricks from experts, both online and offline, and it’s a no-brainer since it only involves trading of foreign exchange to the public and is highly regulated by law. “You can, however, run a successful forex business when you blend prudent analysis and effective implementation,” Obaego clarified.

Obaego is a social media sensation and a handsome young man, not perhaps in the conventional sense, but he has an appearance that could make him stand out in the crowd. No wonder his followers are always drooling over his very scarce posts. Currently, he has over a million followers on Instagram with just five profile posts so far.

That said, Obaego is a great philanthropist who’s steadily forging solutions to many of Nigeria’s most challenging problems through his generosity.

He also urged young entrepreneurs to take a cue from his good deeds.

“Young people who are in business must learn that philanthropy and business success go hand-in-hand in contemporary society,” he said.

“When God said you should be your brother’s keeper, it also means that you should look after his welfare as well. We cannot afford to live in hypocrisy, being thankful to God for providing bountifully for us but ignoring those who are less lucky and these people are our neighbours, families, and community members.”

The serial entrepreneur, however, said people should not view his generosity as a sign of a future in politics, as he says he has no future political ambition, and that his sole aim of giving to the needy is borne out of a sense of duty to the people which is evident in why he never thought of making them public.

Obaego, aside from his philanthropic gestures, is someone who loves to travel around the world and learn things that could impact his life positively.

“I was raised in Abia state, but I have since travelled around other parts of Nigeria and even beyond the shores of Nigeria. Today, the exposure helps me to make certain inputs into my businesses that give us an edge over the competition,” Obaego said.

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