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Can Litecoin (LTC) and Axie Infinity (AXS) Cryptos Bounce Off Support?

Litecoin and Axie Infinity coin have been two of the most bearish cryptocurrencies during these bearish times in the crypto market. The bearish momentum has been weighing on cryptocurrencies and these two digital coins have lost around 2/3rds of the value, which actually makes them interesting to start considering about buying them, especially Axie. They are both leaning on support, so hopefully, they will reverse from the current levels.

Litecoin Daily Chart Analysis – The Support Zone Above $100 Holds

The support zone keeps holding but there’s no bounce so far

Litecoin has been accumulating whale buyers for the longest streak since 2017, but that hasn’t helped improve the sentiment for this crypto coin, as it slipped from $300 to below $100 in the last three months. Hopefully, the MimbleWimble upgrade will help improve the sentiment. Litecoin has finally launched its highly anticipated Mimblewimble upgrade, after two years in the making, which will bring privacy opt-ins to Litecoin.

The Mimblewimble upgrade came through the Extension Block (MWEB) which has been sponsored by the Litecoin Foundation, allowing the network’s users to opt-in to confidential transactions. This upgrade will improve the viability of Litecoin and make it more accepted as an everyday currency. But, we will see if the upgrade will help improve the security.

Axie Infinity Daily Chart – The Support Below $50 Holds for AXS



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