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The 2021 Year in Review: takes a look back at top scams that shook

Cyber Forensic Specialist

Cyber Forensic Specialist

Cyber security remained a significant challenge in 2021. reveals the top 10 scams with an 8.06% increase registered in all types of scams.

The year 2021 was a year that affected a more significant number of demographics worldwide with ever-increasing scams.”

— Timothy Benson

SOFIA, BULGARIA, January 17, 2022 / — Cyber security is becoming an ever-growing challenge in the digitally-inclined world. Businesses and individuals are showcasing increasing dependability on electronic data and computer networks for daily operations and connecting with millions of people. However, this dependency is leaving people vulnerable to cyber attacks evermore., a cyber forensic service dedicated to helping online scam victims, analyzed the prevalent scams in 2021 and how they exposed individuals to potentially enormous liabilities-especially data security breaches. Scam techniques became more sophisticated and made them indistinguishable from genuine companies.

Fraud recovery specialist Timothy Benson at the firm compiled a list of top ten scams that made headlines last year:
Phishing -20.64%
Online Purchase- 16.33%
Sweepstakes, Lottery, & Prizes- 11.89%
Government Agency Imposter- 9.59%
Remote Desktop Support- 5.03%
Government Grant Scams- 4.33%
Debt Collection- 4.06%
Employment Scams- 3.86%
Identity Theft Scams- 2.58%
Fake Check/ Money Order Scams- 2.12%

The list has been compiled based on complaints submitted to by scam victims. Timothy Benson further explains:

The year 2021 was a year that affected a more significant number of demographics worldwide with ever-increasing scams. The pandemic influenced some of them. For example, complaints received by us indicated identity thefts increasing dramatically.

Scammers took advantage of the unemployment due to Covid-19 and job losses. Phishing and online purchase scams spiked, taking the first and second spots.

As a result, federal agencies and cyber security experts launched campaigns to create awareness among the users by sharing valuable tips to stay protected and steps to follow if scammed.

Joining this league, Cyber-Forensics encouraged its consumers to learn how to recognize scammers and avoid them by implementing the following steps:

Never believe everything the scammers say: Scammers are professionals at mimicking official seals, websites, documents, vouchers, email ids, caller ids that look official. Thus, make a point to inspect everything in detail.

Never share personally identifiable information online or with someone who makes unsolicited contacts: Whether it’s in person or over the phone, by email, or text, consumers should avoid revealing any banking information, credit card, debit card information, birth date, social security numbers, etc. over internet medium or phone.

Use secure tracks to make payments and traceable transactions: In case urgent fees are required via the internet, always use secure networks. Also, ensure to avoid paying through wire transfers, gift cards, prepaid money cards, or other non-traditional payment methods.

What To Do If Scammed Into Giving Money to Online Scammers?
The unfortunate reality of the digital world is that scams are everywhere. Whether bitcoin or forex, online dating, or synthetic id frauds, an average person has encountered some scam in his life. In most cases, these highly lucrative opportunities are scams that can cost people to lose hundreds and thousands of money.

The impact of getting caught in an online scam tends to be financial and emotional. However, experts suggest that victims need to practice patience and act with strategy.

The first and foremost step is to report the matter to federal authorities, bank authorities, law practitioners, law authorities, cyber experts, and fund recovery companies.

Seeking legal help can increase the chance of retrieving funds back, as in most cases when payment is done through traceable mediums like a credit card, the amount can be intercepted before the tricksters get a chance to liquidate the stolen amount.

What Do Fund Recovery Companies Do?
Fund recovery companies can often offer technical support and legal advice when the goal is to retrieve money back from scammers. The fund recovery specialists execute their expertise to strengthen the case of scam victims and prove the fraud to concerned authorities.

They also hold expertise in shortening the time for the case to resolve as soon as possible. For example, is a fund recovery company that reviews the cases of the victims and tracks down the perpetration methods to build a case against scammers.

Fund recovery companies investigate the case in detail, providing the clients with an accurate estimate on the chance of success of getting funds back. The professionals then implement their knowledge and connections with regulatory authorities to retrieve the maximum possible amounts lost by victims, if not entirely.

How To Choose a Fund Recovery Company?
Consulting a good fund recovery company like can make the difference between getting funds back and giving them up the entire amount. Although there are not always guarantees, they can improve the chances of success.

To choose the professional fund recovery company, consider all the possible aspects like:
Look at their background
Check their track records
How many victims they have helped?

About is committed to providing the most accurate tracing service for victims of online scams. empowers and simplifies the process of tracking down the cyber-criminals and assists in recovering the funds and creating an atmosphere for a negotiated settlement. commonly deals with bitcoin scams and forex withdrawal problems. For more information, please visit

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