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-0.88% Reaches 1 Million Traders Helped and Educated

Tas-Sliema, Malta, Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One of the leading FX media portals, has managed to break its own record at an astonishing rate. Within just a few months after reaching their goal of 600k readers helped and referred, the website has now educated and directed more than 1 million unique users.

Thanks to its unique approach to reviewing the top Forex brokerages in the industry while also providing desperately needed guides and advice, Topratedforexbrokers (TRFB) has an astounding 68% satisfaction rate with its readers.

The approach to helping their readers is quite common but still different. TRFB focuses on really categorizing the types of brokers it recommends to its readers.

Categorization of Knowledge

One of the main ways that TRFB categorizes the knowledge on its website is through region-specific or action-specific information. For example, this knowledge is divided into the following categories:

These categories more accurately target the intent behind a user’s interest. You can’t just offer them the best brokers out there currently, you need to give them the best that is for them personally, so such categorizations truly hit the mark with FX traders. For example.

Country – Clearly targets an FX broker that is considered the best in a specific region because of its direct approach to local regulations and laws.

Regulators – If a country has more than 1 financial regulator, traders may be looking for an alternative to the one they know of.

Payments – Traders may not want to create a new digital wallet or bank account just to trade Forex, so accomodating them with brokers that accept their payment methods of choice is important.

Bonus – Many traders don’t have much to start with and require a small push from the brokers. This category contains companies that support their traders financially and helps them get started.

Comparisons and Reflection

Simply providing the best brokers is by far not enough for most traders. They are quite often beginners with very little understanding of what “good broker” really means. This is where TRFB’s comparison table comes in handy, where traders can easily compare two separate brokers to each other to truly identify which one is better.

But, this can only be possible if the traders themselves understand what kind of details they need to pay attention to when comparing these two brokers. This is where TRFB comes in with its educational pages, making sure that traders know what makes a broker good, and why.

Overall, there is pretty much anything that can be found on the TRFB website, which is why it’s not a surprise they’ve managed to reach more than 1 million traders.

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