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A forex trading platform is a service by which clients can trade with dealers and banks for foreign exchange on the internet, on their own computers. They are specialized in foreign currencies and usually offer the most liquid 24-hour market available. Many brokers also provide access to futures, commodities and stock indices in addition to foreign exchange.

Basically, a forex brokerage is a company that offers clients access to a forex trading platform in return for a commission or mark-up on the sale. A forex brokerage may also provide other services such as market research, market news, education and expert analysis.

In the global forex market, they are known as “market makers” because they make prices available to clients from banks and dealers at their own expense. There are currently over 100 forex brokers worldwide offering access to foreign exchange markets via their trading platforms.

Know your broker

Each one of these holds its own unique range of services, and it’s important before starting trading with any Forex Trading Brokers that you check out their offerings. Fees for registration and transaction mainly vary from $5 to $75 per lot, while some platforms also offer additional services that can be included in their fee structure or be charged extra.

Most individual traders, little by little getting used to trading different assets on the Forex platform, become more experienced, and their range of products widens. Ultimately reaching the stage when there is nothing left but to open a trade broker account with an online Forex Brokerage Company so they can conduct business 24/7, 365 days of the year.

But even before you do that, it’s still essential you get familiarized with all pertinent information regarding this topic because if you end up opening a forex brokerage account with an unregulated company, who does not meet legal requirements and regulations or does not provide you with fast and efficient customer service, then it could end up costing you a lot of money.

One of the best ways to avoid falling into such a situation is to conduct research on forex trading brokers first and find out the information that will help you make an informed decision. Today, I will help you find the right forex broker because my experience has taught me all the tips that one needs in order to land on the right platform. 

What qualities to look for?

The number one thing everyone should consider when selecting a Forex Brokerage Company is the quality of their trading platform. If their platform is user friendly and has all the necessary tools, features and resources available, then it should be able to give you everything that you need as a currency trader. If their platform has a number of advanced tools, then it might be too complicated for beginners, so you should always try to find one that offers an easy to use but powerful trading software.

Always look for forex trading brokers who have the ability to allow their clients access to both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 are also very important. Such companies usually make sure that they give outdated versions as well as up-graded online platforms belonging to other third-party vendors in order to serve every type of customer preference.

It’s best if you select a broker who can provide you with different types of trading platforms because it means they care about your experience, no matter what type or brand of the trading platform you want or prefer using.

Preferred payment options is another important thing to consider when picking a Forex Broker. In case you already hold an account with a certain company, then it might be ideal to select one that allows you to link your existing bank accounts, especially if they’re located in the same country as them because this will help you lower the total cost of transferring funds.

One should always take into consideration deposit and withdrawal options beforehand so much so that they are sure their preferred payment option is even available at the broker’s end before registering with them. This way, you will avoid opening a forex trading account with a company that offers you less than optimal payment options and poor customer support.

Another thing that a trader must take into consideration is the reputation of the individual or the forex company which can be done conveniently by checking out their reviews, ratings and feedback from previous customers at forums, blogs and social media platforms. A good forex broker always puts the needs of its clients first, providing high-quality products that can maximize potential returns while minimizing risks involved for its clients. 

What is Ashford Capital Investments?

Ashford Capital Investments is an international brokerage firm with global sales offices and satellite brokers around the world. They currently have a growing presence in the forex trading sector and are looking to expand their portfolio of clients. They work with all sorts of traders and individuals who lack the resources to maximize their assets’ value; basically, anyone looking for an opportunity to make more money.

Unlike most other forex trading brokerages that offer full-service solutions (buying/selling), Ashford Capital Investments focuses exclusively on providing their clients with top quality trading conditions, research tools and analysis. They offer cutting-edge technology for professional traders who want to keep up with the trends of the ever-evolving markets without having to study hours upon hours of market indicators and news flow. 

Their trading desk provides 24-hour access to multiple trading platforms across all major brokers. On top of this platform, they also offer desktop software, mobile support and public chat areas so clients can contact them any hour of day or night. Ashford Capital Investments is backed by real teams of professionals spanning over ten years of experience. No assistants, no rookies – just the best money managers and traders working for you!

They offer an endless list of professional tools created to provide their clients with all the information they need to trade successfully: real-time quotes and charts, technical and fundamental analysis and strategy builder and backtesting software, as well as live news from most popular financial outlets. I have been making a lot of money using their forex trading simulator so clients can try out their strategies before risking any real money on them.

Why Ashford Capital Investments? 

I am often asked why Ashford Capital Investments out of all in the market. Well, the answer is not simple because picking a broker is not an easy task these days. But generally speaking, I like them because they offer low commissions and leverage so clients can maximize their profits. On top of this, this broker knows how to help enhance profits of forex trading individuals, and this is why they also have a unique money…

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