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Top-5 Features of a Reliable Forex CRM Provider

How to start a Forex business? The market opens brand new horizons for brokerage companies that implement next-level solutions and unlock access to innovations for their clients. With the fast-growing number of FX brokers, newer entrants face fierce competition,
and the market leaves no place for mistakes.

There is one general truth for brokerage companies – newer ones should provide traders with a string of eye-catching technologies to convince them to remain on your platform. CRM systems frequently serve as a distinctive component to play a crucial role
in your fight for clients.

Why are CRM-solutions among the core components?

First and foremost, business owners need to understand the main idea of the component. A
Forex CRM solution is claimed to empower brokers with the fullest control of both inner and outer processes. A wide range of reports and extended statistics are available in several
clicks to let business owners know whether everything is going well or not.

On top of its main goal, the software is responsible for many other processes. A system clusters traders into several categories to better understand their needs, automates inner processes, manages a broker’s interaction with partners, etc. Don’t understate
the importance and the role of the system – leading CRMs help brokerage companies make a jumpstart in the Forex market.

In the search for a reliable provider: which features to take into account?

The market is ready to offer tens of CRM solutions for Forex brokers; meanwhile, you need to implement the best one that is able to fuel your business and jump it to a new level. What are the top features that mark a reliable Forex CRM provider?

#1. Compatibility with different companies and trading platforms

CRM solutions are designed for FX brokers, crypto brokerage companies, exchanges, and other companies, and the best software is compatible with all the businesses. For instance, brokers can make their first steps as Forex companies but then add cryptocurrencies
as well. High-end solutions support both fiat and crypto-wallets.

Following up the feature, eye-catching systems are compatible with a set of trading platforms: MT4 and 5, One Zero, PrimeXM, B2Trader. The more platforms are possible to be integrated, the better.

#2. All-in-one solution

Reliable providers offer brokerage companies a Forex CRM system that combines several components – i.e. back office, trader’s room, and client’s portal. As such, both brokers and traders get access to high-end functionality (convenient UI interface, straightforward
admin panel, diverse widgets).

Business owners get a customized all-in-one solution integrated with the fullest correspondence with their branding. The own style is exceptionally important for brokers that have just entered the market. Reliable providers enable their clients to get the
deepest customization to adjust a system to certain needs and requirements.

At the same time, an all-in-one solution usually includes a set of features, and Forex brokers may need some of them. Reliable providers prefer fair play, offering a package solution.

#3. Integration of external services

A bunch of innovative and next-level technologies may boost your business easily, and

the best CRMs
are compatible with those solutions.

Sum-Sub WebSDK makes the KYC verification as easy as ABC, saving a broker’s costs, as all the procedure takes place on the technology provider’s side – brokerage companies get traders who’ve verified their accounts in the fullest compliance with the legislature.

Reliable software makes it possible to integrate 50+ payment providers to help your traders make deposits and withdraw funds easily and securely. You may integrate diverse payment options, but some leading providers offer even more.

#4. Focus on security

Financial markets and security instruments are two components that should not be separated. CRMs may protect your traders, and clients are about to appreciate such a gesture.

High-end systems provide business owners with access to some market-known instruments like Google or Nexmo but the leading solutions empower brokerage companies to integrate any 2FA authentication settings and providers to let traders know their accounts
are as protected as possible.

#5. Affiliate program opportunities

Newer Forex brokers probably don’t think about possible partners while entering the market but mature companies consider affiliate programs as a perfect opportunity to increase the customer base and get additional income sources.

CRM solutions are perfect to manage partnerships on different levels. High-end systems are in charge of all the rewards, payments, and invoices.

When you are going to succeed in the Forex market, every component does matter. Business owners should compare diverse solutions to understand which CRM provider offers the best conditions.

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