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TrueNorthBit Review: What Makes TrueNorthBit Traders Favorite Broker?

With the rise in the number of traders using the platform, many forex brokers are entering this market. This is because they see money to be made after providing some simple services to these traders. What they do is to provide a platform where traders can carry out their activities.

In many TrueNorthBit reviews, we have seen TrueNorthBit as a broker and see how it rates among other brokers. In addition to that, we will look at the kind of traders who prefer using the services offered by this broker over others available on the market.

What makes TrueNorthBit better than other Forex Brokers?

The first thing that makes it different from others is its low minimum deposit. Unlike other brokers, you have to deposit a lot of money before starting using their services. Even if you are beginning, it won’t be difficult for you to join the platform.

Many features make TrueNorthBit different from other forex brokers. However, its main distinction lies in its speed of execution. When you are trading with this broker, you will find yourself getting your orders executed much faster than the ones available elsewhere in the market.

Traders know this to be one of the best things about TrueNorthBit as it is also mentioned other online reviews. This is because there is no room for slow order execution so that traders can carry out their activities without any fear of lag time.

This is possible because a trader will always match and execute your order within seconds after placing it on the platform. Many traders like this broker because of its speed and simplicity in trading.

In addition to this, traders also have the chance to get a demo account that can help them practice before they begin their journey into forex. Thus, you will be able to make several trades in a safe environment before joining live accounts.

How Does TrueNorthBit Work?

When you want to buy or sell, then this platform will execute your trade within seconds. This is possible because of the traders available on this platform who are always ready to take orders and then run them when you do not have an order waiting.

All these traders are doing their activities in real-time because it makes this forex broker unique from others. All the information you will need is right on the screen to easily place your orders. Most available reviews on TrueNorthBit have mentioned this.

The platform is ideal for traders who are looking for simplicity in their trading activities. This broker offers you the chance to buy and sell currencies quickly without any delays. They have many unique features that make this platform stand out from other brokers available on the market today.

What are the Benefits of Trading with TrueNorthBit?

Many reasons can make you join this platform. To know more about its benefits, continue reading through the following sections.

No Commission on Your Trades: The good thing about this broker is that it offers zero commission on your trades. Understandably, some brokers charge their traders to carry out transactions on their accounts. This is not the case with TrueNorthBit.

This broker believes that you should be able to trade without worrying about commissions and hidden charges. Thus, there are no fees for opening an account or every time you make a trade.

Speed of Execution: There is no room for delays when you are trading with this broker. All the orders you place on the platform will be executed immediately so that you can quickly carry out your trades.

This is possible because all the traders are working together to ensure that they have enough workforce to handle every order placed on this platform. This way, they can take the order quickly before moving to another one.


There are many things to like about this broker when you compare it with others out there. The broker has been committed to providing traders with excellent services over the years. As you will notive in online reviews about TrueNorthBit that this platform is really trusted by clients.

The main thing that makes this broker better than others is its speed of execution. That means once you place an order, it will be executed within seconds by traders on the platform. This way, you can get your orders filled fast so you can continue trading securely without having to wait.

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